A Study On Sex Education Essay

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Internationally, there are various countries in the world with successful sex education programs. One of these countries is Norway, which has comparable rates of adolescent sexuality, yet lower rates of teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and abortion. The most notable difference is that sex education in Norway is compulsory and the curriculum is mandated for all schools, starting at age seven until students are sixteen. Unlike the United States where abstinence-based sex education is a separate course or a part of health class – when it is allowed to be taught, sex education in Norway is integrated into many subjects with the modern system broaden the subject of ‘human reproduction’ to “a comprehensive curriculum covering sexual desire, masturbation, homosexuality, contraception, family planning, abortion and venereal disease.” Professor Stine H. Bang Svendsen of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture describes the Norwegian sex education goals as followed:
(1) teach about the issues; (2) invite school health services to educate students about sexual violence, STIs, contraception and pregnancy; and (3) invite professionals or volunteers from civil society organisations and foundations such as the medical students’ sex education programme (MSO), the gay and lesbian movement, women’s shelters, the incest survivors’ support group or other sexual health projects.

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