A Study On Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Essay

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is the device which is the only smart phone which have potential to change how a phone look like and what it can do. This Phone can do what a mid configured PC can do (or even more). This phone has a secondary display curved to the right edge of the phone 's primary display for better notification interface. You can use custom template for this secondary display, lots of pre-installed and more available on Samsung store. If you only bought this device just for the powerful hardware and crisp display then you should install a custom ROM to utilize the Powerful hardware for better gaming and more RAM for better multi tasking. But before installing any custom ROM on your phone read all the points below.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Root your Samsung Galaxy Note Edge first and install a custom recovery.
How to root Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.
Back up all of your important data before installing any custom ROM on it.
Charge your phone to at least 60% before installing custom ROM.
Do not attempt to install these custom ROMs on any other Samsung or Android variant.
River ROM 5.1.1:

Do you ever wish to get Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge features on your Note Edge? Wish granted! here i have a custom ROM with Galaxy S6 features like people edge and apps edge and note 5 feature like new air menu and S Note app.

Features: S6 Edge dialer, S6 Edge contact, S6 Edge launcher, S6 Edge weather, Note 5 air command, Note 5 smart manager, Note 5 my files, Note 5 calculator, Note…

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