A Study On Ptsd And Depression Essay

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The foundation of research for this integrated literature review based on the present study assessing PTSD symptomology occurring amongst military personnel. Specifically, researchers conducted comparative analysis in order to identify if a correlation exists between an individual’s duty status and their potential for developing PTSD or depression. Results of the study indicates that initially, individuals assigned to either the national guard or the reserves regardless of the component are not at an increase risk of developing PTSD symptomology compared to their active duty peers. One of the more prominent limitations of this experiment is that it does not take into consideration the duties of the personnel assessed. There are careers in the military in which individuals would have a higher operational risk of developing PTSD and depression than others.
In order to expand upon the study conducted by Schaller, Woodall, Lemus, Proctor, Russell and Crum-Cianflone (2014), the current study focuses on individuals who have a high operations tempo, frequently deploy and are commonly exposed to a highly stressful environment, Air Force pararescue personnel. Interestingly, researchers hypothesize that although pararescue personnel are exposed to combat zones and traumatic situations, they are trained to have the mental fortitude to withstand significant levels of stress. Similarly to the previous study, researchers compared the effects between the personnel’s duty status for…

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