Essay on A Study On Micro Cracks Of Concrete Plastic State

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In Sharif University, focus of bachelor program in civil engineering lies on structural engineering. Therefore, it was not until the 7th semester that I was introduced to the flied of transportation. It was then that my whole perception pf academic life changed. I did not care about Micro-Cracks of concrete in plastic state, but I was impressed with the ability to assess value of time, or value of time spent at bus stop for a person with specified characteristic. Therefore, instead of running away from classes, I found myself wanting to explore more courses and to expand my knowledge of the flied, I even expanded my bachelor duration, so that I cloud peruse a master in it.
Our board of transportation in Sharif University is significantly distinguished from other faculties in the department on many fronts, from the environment of their classes to their cooperation in research groups. I also had the chance to have my transportation courses with MIT and Stanford graduate professors. However, our Institute for Transportation Studies and Research were more accustomed to working with graduate students. To my knowledge, I was the first bachelor student to have done research under they supervision in our class and the proceeding. For a year, as research assistances of Dr. Samimi, we had weekly sessions to share our procedure, findings and to discuss any challenges. It made me familiar with variation of subjects from generating game theory scenarios of choosing insurance service to…

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