Essay about A Study On Healthy Eating Plate

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For my HBCP I wanted to focus on healthy eating. I choose to utilize Harvard’s Healthy Eating plate in order to do so. So, for the plate of food I have for each of my three daily meals I would use the plate as a guide. Each plate of food I have includes a quarter of whole grains, a quarter of protein, a small amount of fruit, and a large amount of vegetables. The model also includes a glass of water with each meal and some healthy oils. The plate is very useful because it goes beyond the model by explain what types of foods are acceptable, healthwise, for each category. Since the Healthy Eating Plate model and description is very detailed I did not need to make any changes. I simply started planning my meals in advance I noticed that I would go to the dining commons and feel overwhelmed and end up overeating and having way too many plates. The harvard model helped control my eating and guide me through making healthier eating choices. In addition to this I included a physical activity aspect. Instead of relying on buses I choose to walk. My walking goal was 1 hour of walking daily. Overall my health behavioral change product was focused on eating healthy through the Harvard Healthy Eating plate and additionally I incorporated over an hour of walking. At the end of my behavioral change project I was satisfied with the outcome. The product did not turn out to be as much of a challenge as I thought it would be. Each day it got easier and easier. I used a numbering system…

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