A Study on Gender-Based Violence Essay

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Despite women are of higher status socially in many countries than before, it is found that domestic violence against women is still a universal problem. This paper will explore the phenomenon gender-based violence in Hong Kong as compared to the global situation.

An extensive literature review was conducted to explore the existing theories and risk factors associated with domestic violence. A qualitative study of women victims was then undertaken to gain further insight on the current gender-based violence situation in Hong Kong. In the discussion, the limitations of the study were examined and the results were compared of with literature findings.

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Approximately 10% had been abused once before, and 40% more than twice.

The purpose of this study is to examine the causes of domestic violence in Hong Kong, especially in the gender-related perspective.


Four Levels of Analysis of Domestic Violence

The issue of domestic violence can be analyzed from four different levels: the micro-level analysis, the meso-level analysis, the macro-level and the multidimensional analysis (Kurst-Swanger & Petcosky, 2003).

The micro-level analysis is often referred to as the medical model. It views family violence as the result of the psychopathology of individual family members e.g. mental illness, personality disorder, alcoholism etc. At its emergence in 1960s, domestic violence was thought to be a rare occurrence due to some psychopathology of an individual family member.

The meso-level analysis adopts a sociopsychological model. It integrates family patterns and relationships between individual family members to explain domestic violence. It examines the structure and organization of the family, as well as the environmental factors that affect the whole family system. Some of the theories employed are the traumatic bonding theory, the stress theory, and the resource theory.

The macro-level analysis views domestic violence under sociocultural models, basing on theories that center on socially structured

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