A Study On Eating Disorders And Undernutrition Essays

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The focus this week was on eating disorders and undernutrition. This week I was enlightened to the variety of existing eating disorders. First, I was enlightened to learn there was a difference between disordered eating and eating disorders. This is a progressional process which can begin from a simple reward as a child. When I was little there was endless times my mother used food as a reward. If I cleaned my room, if I behaved in the store, and if I ate all my dinner I was allowed a special treat. Perhaps this is why I have an endless desire for sweets. This reward system could also be the reason for some of by bad eating habits. Reading this chapter, “Eating Disorders” awakened me to understand the connection between eating disorders and the psychology behind it. This helped me to pick on similar habits in my own life. The most identifiable syndrome is binge eating. Binge eating occurs in a person with emotional stress, anxiety, loneliness, grief, and anger (Wardlaw, Smith, Collene 2016). Being honest, there are times when under crippling amount of stress or anxiety I can sometimes refer to food as a solution. My first year of college, not being aware of this situation led me to gain 20lbs. Being more aware and conscious of these habits has helped me to be more in control of my eating habits. However, I can understand why there is an urge to binge eat, it is a relief to immediate stress. This temporary feeling of euphoria is the result of endorphins released into…

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