A Study On A Portfolio Essay

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A portfolio might include:
• Samples of the child’s work throughout the year for each subject
• Photos of field trips, sports teams, etc.
• Copies of the material covered in each subject. I just made copies of the table of contents for each book.
• List of field trips, books read, and extracurricular activities
• Description of projects and achievements.
• A copy of the novel my son wrote and all the Boy Scout’s awards were included. Each state has its own requirements; therefore, it is indispensable to research if your state requires completion of an annual form.
Curriculum choices: Check directly with each state government website’s department of education site for additional information.

Umbrella or Satellite School

Although a small number of states require homeschool students to be under an umbrella school or that the parents be a certified teacher, Florida does not. Parents in the state of Florida can teach their own children and select their own curriculum. When we initiated our homeschool journey, we joined an umbrella school. There were some advantages to joining them, but the disadvantages outweighed the benefits. Umbrella schools maintain attendance records, issue report cards, and assiste with documentation. The parent is still responsible for the choice of curriculum and for teaching the children. Although, there are schools that require that the child is also registered with the county and in addition offer transcript, all the material, high…

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