Essay A Study Of Patients Who Have Undergone A Surgery

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AIMS The following questions have to do with the study of patients who have undergone a surgery (for medical reasons, severe epilepsy being one) that severed the corpus callosum. This leaves the two halves of the brain to work independently from one another. The main questions this study seeks to answer are: how do the two halves of the brain interact with each other and how is this relationship altered after the subjects have undergone this surgery?
Basically, subjects were asked to attempt modest tasks that were presented to only one side of the brain at a time. Many of the experiments involved different variations of visual cues. For example; lights, pictures and flash cards were all used; most in conjunction with tasks such as finding an object that has been shown to them on the left side of their vision with their right hand and vice versa. Some involved seeing a simple word in one side of their vision and being asked to identify the word by choosing a related object manually from outside their field of vision, by spelling the word with block letters or verbally. The variables in this study are very straightforward. The independent variable is that the patient/subject must have had the surgery and the dependent variable was simply the performance of the subject.
The scope of this study seems narrow, however the results are fascinating. In the simplest experiment a light bar was set up and the subject was asked to focus in the center of the…

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