Essay on A Study By William Janowiak And Associates

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If you were to type in “beautiful girls” into the Google search engine and go to images the only females shown are with traditionally European features and light skin. A study by William Janowiak and associates found that those of Eastern Asian background are more fond of large eyes and pale skin, which Westerners are typically portrayed with, to be more aesthetically pleasing. Another race’s analysis of European features reflect a similar report, the infamous “Doll Test”; the babydoll test, first conducted in the 1940s by psychologist Mamie and Kenneth Clark, show children who are asked to choose the more beautiful babydoll. Ages three to seven were used in the experiment and the preponderance of the children choose dolls that were white. The outcome of the children’s choice was a key component in the Brown Vs. Board. But that was the 1940s, things must be different now with desegregation and the overwhelming peaceful coexistence of African Americans and Caucasians, right? Sadly this is incorrect, a similar test performed in 2010 shows that both white and black children have a bias towards those of lighter skin. European beauty standards often socialized through our culture is deemed as “eurocentrism” which is described as “considering Europe and Europeans as focal to world culture, history, economics, etc.” So, it is especially difficult to be of African and Filipino descent and love your typical black nose and Jackson Five nostrils. Learning to get into formation with…

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