A Student 's Intellectual Growth Awakening And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work By Jean Anyon

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No one can deny that school plays an important role in our society. An education can propel a student’s intellectual growth awakening their inner consciousness, as well as prepare students for lucrative careers. In the two selections “Against School“ by John Taylor Gatto and “From Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work“ by Jean Anyon, convey to readers the importance of a purpose full education through which students can thrive to actually be the best they can be. Similarly, Gatto and Anyon shed light on the significance that formal education has on society. However, the various teaching styles, school environment, and social economic standing in regards to formal education can have adverse effects on society, and are worth noting.

The various teaching styles at a school can either bore a student or inspire them. According to Gatto, a retired former teacher who taught at various New York City Schools for over thirty years, claims that boredom amongst students, as well as teachers, were a normal occurrence throughout his teaching career. Gatto would ask his students and colleagues: why they felt bored?. The students would often respond with claims that the class work was uninteresting and they could not comprehend, or some felt like they already knew the material. The students also felt that the teachers did not seem qualified to teach the material they were given, or uninspired to further their own knowledge of the material. Yet, the teachers when asked the same…

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