A Streetcar Named Desire And A Taste Of Honey Essay

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Both A Streetcar Named Desire and A Taste of Honey include characters who are victims of their sexuality. These two texts were written in 1947 and 1958 respectively, and this period of time showed a specific attitude towards homosexuality: Homosexuals were treated with constant disrespect and homosexuality was also classed as a mental disorder. These views were also evident towards women who engaged in sexual relations outside of marriage. The negative attitudes towards characters such as Geoffrey and Helen from A Taste of Honey, and Blanche and Alan from A Streetcar Named Desire show how they are often victimised because of their sexuality. Sexual promiscuity is a character trait found in both Blanche and Helen, and they gain negative reputations due to the way Williams and Delaney present them. During Scene Seven Stanley reveals the “pack of lies” that Blanche has been telling, one of these is about her reputation in Laurel. “As time went by she became a town character” Stanley suggests that her promiscuity led to Blanche gaining a negative reputation that eventually led to her being “practically told by the mayor to get out of town!”. A feminist reader could suggest that it is contradictory how characters such as Blanche are treated, while Stanley is always presented as a boisterous and dominating character. The initial stage directions of Stanley describe him as a “gaudy seed bearer” and how he “sizes women up at a glance” These suggest that he is sexually confident,…

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