A Story About A Little Girl With Freckles Essay

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Let me tell you a story about a little girl with freckles. She wore hand me down clothes and didn’t have many things to call her own. One thing she did have was the determination to succeed. My mom had the misfortune of living in poverty as a child. Her home was a run down, one-bedroom house which she shared with her parents and sister. There are many causes of poverty, one prevalent cause being drugs and alcohol. Her parents were alcoholics and spent most of their time in a bar, leaving my mom to raise her sister. Many of my mom’s extended family had drug and alcohol problems as well, leaving her no real stable adults in her life. My mom had to cook for and take care of her sister and herself from the age of 8. With little adult support at home, it was difficult for my mom. She had few role models in her family that she could aspire to be. Some adults can overcome adversity and sometimes children can too. Fortunately for her, she did. Even with my mom’s difficult home life, her own determination and grit helped her to persevere, became independent, responsible, and aware of what she had to do in order to escape poverty by the time she was in fifth grade. Poverty In addition to a non supportive home life, school was challenging for my mom. Even though she was intelligent, her lack of academic support from home made school harder than it would have otherwise been. She knew that she could not depend on her parents for help, so she would have to do it by herself. She had to…

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