A Speech On The City Of Houston Essays

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driving for several hours and 3 restroom stops the grou has finally got to there destination. they left the city of houston and are traveling this side road to get to this other town called legacy valley. they cruise down the road and see nothing but trees and bushs. then slowly poping up in the distance is a welcoming sign for legacy valley.
" we are here guys." jay says out of excitment. everyone says at the same time"yay finally." as they adjust them selves in the van and get comfy to see the path ahead they start to see the sign . the sign from a distance looks like it might be slightly rusted on the one side but oce they get closer and closer they notice that is not rust. it is more grotesque. the sign has dryied up old blood on the one side and there appears to be an old severed head sitting on the top of the sign. you can tell it has been on the sign for a while for the sun has damaged the flesh around it, and the skin has been corroding due tothe heat and weather damage. if you look close enough you can still see the maggots still feeding off the flesh in the inside of the eyes sockets and the jaw line. so much flesh has been damaged that portions are nothing but bone. beyond the sign is more trees and bushs. and more nature.

as this group of travlers slowly go by the sign they do not say anything. they just look at the head and blood on the sign with concern about what they may have gotten themselves into.they slowly go past the sign and all…

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