A Speech On My Speech Essay example

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Specific purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will feel a chill running down their spine.
Introduction: Good afternoon,
You guys are probably wondering what my speech is going to be about today. Well I started off searching for places on earth where you can’t visit, because it really caught my eye and so did yours, as you previously have known.. (2 seconds pause, to let them rethink of that previous time). So due to curiosity of human nature, we tend to be nosy and hover over mysterious places where it may be haunted and cursed. I myself have experienced a ghost adventure, and let me tell you.. It really freaked me out. It actually was hard night to sleep. So now let me take you into the journey of the 3 most haunted islands on planet earth.

Transition: And allow me to take it slowly on you and not let your entire body hair stand all at once.
Alcatraz Island, San Francisco.

Catching a brief glimpse of their new home across the foggy bay. Native Americans first came to believe that the island had a negative energy. And named it red eyes believing there was dwelling of evil spirits and avoided it completely. Later in 1861, Alcatraz became a military fortress and prison. Cramped cells, rigid discipline and hard-line routine were Alcatraz trademarks.
But there was something very mysterious about the solidarity section of the prison, which was Block D. (showing cells in block D). And it was called “The Hole”. For the reason that it had completely no…

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