A Speech Delivered By The Late Great Essay

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This speech written by the late great Fredrick Douglass is a great speech one of the best I ever read. This was my first time ever reading it and its nothing less but spectacular. I think the speech is so famous because Fredrick Douglass told the truth and nothing but the truth. I mean he didn’t hold back at all. Honestly I’m surprise he was able to give the speech during this time because it was so hard for African Americans to speak freedom of speech during those times. If they did speak against it they would be murder. He just wanted white people to know that this is what the great Fourth of July means to a slave. Plus he also wanted them to know how can you celebrate freedom but have the African Americans held hostage.

Mr. Douglass was going to make sure that they knew what the fourth of July meant to slaves. Take this for example off page (1253) “What! Am I to argue that it is wrong to make men brutes, to rob them of their liberty, to work them without wages, to keep them ignorant of their relations to their fellow men, to beat them with sticks, to stay flesh with the lash, to load their limbs with irons, to hunt them with dogs?” It’s sad that they wanted to keep those people down so they could take advantage of them. I also take from this part of the speech on page (1252) “But I fancy I hear some one of my audience say, it is just in this circumstance that you and your brother abolitionists fail to make a favorable impression on the public mind. To me when they say…

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