Essay on A Soldier 's Home By Harold Krebs

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Class Hemingway’s “A Soldier’s Home”: A lost identity

Harold Krebs is a complex man. Throughout Ernest Hemingway’s short story “A Soldier’s Home” it’s clear that Harold Krebs isn’t quite sure who he is or who he has become after serving two years as a Marine in World War I. Hemingway’s distinct and simple writing style helps to carry the story of this multifaceted man. He is referred to as “Krebs”— a soldier – by the narrator; “Harold” by his mother; and “Hare,” an affectionate nickname that his sisters have given him. The three different names that Hemingway uses for Harold Krebs helps tell the story of confusion and isolation that the main character is experiencing while trying to readjust to life after a gruesome war. The three names help tell a complex story filled with emotion in a subtle way.
Harold Krebs, a former church-going small-town Oklahoma boy, is the main character of this story. Harold Krebs mother, sisters and father are the supporting characters, and they all view Harold Krebs differently. Before he left for war, Harold Krebs was used to the familiar things in his small town, but now he is finding it hard to readjust. People want him to be normal and share his war stories, but he can’t. He feels that he has to lie when discussing the war because it wasn’t glamorous and glorious as his townspeople believe it to be. In fact, he says during war he was “badly, sickeningly frightened all the time.” He doesn’t have the stories they want to hear, so…

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