A Social Justice Old Testament Essay

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Mikayla Titus
THL 217 A
Social Justice-Old Testament
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Unit 3: The D-History As we continue this rigorous journey of understanding the Old Testament, we come to the Deuteronomic or Deuteronomistic History. The D-History, for short, is the section of the bible that focuses on the history of Israel entering the promise land until the exile and shows the exile was caused by the unfaithfulness towards what was laid out in the book of Deuteronomy (“Meta”). Unit Three focuses on five main parts: the land, conquest and settlement, the rise of kingship and the aftermath, the rule of David and Solomon, and the division of the monarchy.
The first major part of the D-History that we must come to understand is the Land of Canaan. The area was numerous “many micro kingdoms, each ruled by a king in a fortified capital city,” which later inspired the idea of a Canaanite fortress city system (“The Meta-Narrative of the Old Testament”). These fortress cities were set up to where a fenced-in fortress was at the top of a hill, in which housed the ruling class who control those who lived outside the walls, which was the majority of the population (“The Meta-Narrative of the Old Testament”). These ruling classes consisted of the ruling class which included the priest. This lead to an oppressive Canaanite religion. The Canaanite religion believed that their survival was determined by the high god, Baal. To the Canaanites, Baal was the god of the three most important things in…

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