A Small New Orleans Hospital Essay

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A large New Orleans Hospital has been affected with a Katrina disaster, which has contributed to evacuation of staffs to Baton Rouge. Six weeks after the event, I have been mandated with the responsibility of supervising a team that will return to the hospital since I am an Industrial Hygienist. This team will also be responsible for evaluating the situation and engaging in a plan to re-establish basic medical needs for the staffs involved in the recovery initiative. While the team comprises various leaders of the hospital, the Incident Commander or person in-charge of recovery is looking for guidance on safe entry, safe clean-up procedures, suitable PPE for all recovery employees, and a hazard assessment for the most crucial items. He also needs an assessment of operations that can contribute to acute or chronic health effects, disease, or illness. This process of supervising the team in the recovery effort and providing guidance to the Incident Commander will require the use of industrial hygiene concepts.
Suggestions and Recommendations to the Incident Commander As previously mentioned, the Incident Commander is looking for guidance from the industrial hygienist regarding safe-entry, suitable PPE for all recovery staffs, safe clean-up processes, hazard assessment for critical items, and operations that cause health effects. The guidance is vital because such disasters are usually accompanied by septic system collapse, structural destruction, and chemical…

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