A Single Gendered Classroom Increase Girls ' Math Achievement

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Does being in a single-gendered classroom increase girls’ math achievement? In these two research studies I am going to see if that statement appears to be true. In the studies I will include students from both a single-gendered classroom and a co-ed classroom. Since I grew up going to a co-ed school, I am very interested in seeing the results. I hope that these two studies will benefit parent’s decisions on whether or not they will send their girls to a single-gendered school.
In my correlational study, I will recruit my participants from twenty different high schools around the United States. Half of my participants will be from a single-gendered classroom and the other half from a co-ed classroom. I will study two hundred girls in the eleventh grade from the twenty schools I chose to use in my study. I will recruit them by contacting the schools chosen and inform them about the research I am doing. I will let the administration know what I plan on doing and the purpose behind it all. Also, I will send out a consent form to all the parents to get their approval before I start my study. My hypothesis is that girls’ math achievement in a single-gendered classroom will be greater than those in a co-ed classroom. I will start this study at the beginning of the school year and end it by the last week of school. The first thing I will do is give each girl a preliminary test. This will help me see what math level they are at so then I will be able to see how far they have come…

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