A Short Walking Trail Around The Park Essay examples

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On 11-9-2016 I was on regular patrol near 101 10th ST NE, on the north side of the Kids Country Daycare. I regularly patrol the area as there is a wooded area surrounding a duck pond which has a short walking trail around the pond. It is a well known drug area, as the path is not often used and the bushes and trees protect a person from view. During past foot patrols of the area, I have contacted several people that were in the act of using illegal drugs.

During this foot patrol, I noticed a white male, wearing all black and wearing a black backpack, sitting behind a tree. As I walked toward the male, the male took off running north bound toward the south side of the Lowes. At the time, I attempted to contact the male, it was a social contact.

I returned to my patrol vehicle, where I noticed the male running on the backside/westside of the Lowes building. I knew from spending a good amount of time on patrol in the area, that the area the male was running in was fence by an about 4 foot high fence on both the north and south side. Additionally between the two fence lines, the area was lined with bushes and trees. The area is used by Lowes to store over flow of large construction supplies and it is odd to see anyone but Lowes employees in the area.

I then attempted to re contact the male, as I still saw him running northbound in the area. I further knew that Lowes had a trespass letter on file with the
Auburn Police Department and had related signage posted on the…

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