A Short Story: Welcome Back To The City

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"Welcome back to the States, folks. You will find your bags on the carousel G in the customs hall after passing through immigration. If you have connections, follow the signs to your next gate. We hope you have an enjoyable stay here in the Chicago area or wherever your final destination may be. Good evening and goodbye." The overhead speakers clicked off, Cora opened her sleepy eyelids and shifted in her seat. She pulled her hood, that had been covering her face, off of her head, releasing her messy mop of golden brown curls. She slowly sat up as the other passengers shuffled around on the plane, gathering their luggage and other belongings. The red eye flight had always been Cora’s favorite. She could sleep the entire ride without feeling the need to converse with the strangers around her. While she couldn’t sleep the entire 20 hour flight from Australia to the United States, she managed to sleep for the majority of it. Upon leaving the aircraft, she followed the signs to carousel G to retrieve her luggage. She had many bags that held all of her testing tools. Cora spent her time working as …show more content…
She padded her way across her living room, set her bags down and stopped by the bay window that overlooked the city and watched as the sun began to peek over the skyline. She exhaled and realized how much she had missed her city. After a brief moment she turned back to pick up her bags again, but she stopped. She noticed that one of her bags had a funny looking tag on the handle. She inspected the bag closer and discovered that this wasn’t her bag at all! She felt a bit nosy by opening the bag, but she just wanted to return the bag to its true owner. She paused for a moment and sighed. She knew she had to do the right thing and give the bag back, but after a 20 hour flight a quest to find the bag’s owner was the last thing she wanted to do. But Cora was determined, so she sucked it up and opened the

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