Essay on A Short Note On Toyota Production System ( Htps )

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1. Explain all TPS terminology in the house of Toyota production system (HTPS), and summarize the HTPS in your words to me.
A. TPS – Toyota Production system is the processing unit i.e. brain of the Toyota. Many companies have learned and tried to mimic the system of Toyota. The rules and methods or tools used in the system have specific terminology. The TPS terminology in the house of Toyota Production System (HTPS) are:
i. Just in Time ii. Jidoka iii. Heijunka iv. Kaizen.

i. Just in Time:
JIT – Just in Time’s objective is to reduce the in-process inventory by manufacturing or producing the production only when it is needed i.e. the activity of production occurs only when the order comes from the customer. The JIT works on the basis of ‘Pull System’. The parts or items are produced only when the customer needs it. Every process in Toyota is performed very precisely and scientifically. The demand is calculated by the Takt time. Takt time is calculated by total time (minutes) taken for producing the total units in a day. Toyota uses a simple card system for communicating the process, the Kanban. If there is change in demand, there will be also change in takt time. Toyota allocates more resources when there is rise in demand.

ii. Jidoka:
Toyota describes Jidoka as ‘automation’ or ‘automation with human touch’. When a problem arises, the problem is notified, the designated supervisor or training supervisor or any team member will intervene and rectify the problem and the…

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