A Short Note On Interpersonal Communications And Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal communications,

Interpersonal communications are about communicating face to face with someone and exchanging thoughts, ideas, feelings, and meanings through both nonverbal and verbal communication. It’s about not just what you say, but how you say it as well as nonverbal expressions. Nonverbal communications can be far more telling sometimes than what is said verbally. People can use body language such as arm movements, posture. And micro facial expressions to communicate just as effectively as speech or giveaway the true meaning of their speech.

First, I think listening skills are the most important aspect in interpersonal communications. While interpersonal communications make up verbal communication, nonverbal communication, negotiation, assertiveness, problem solving, and decision making. Without having basic listening skills, you will fail at all other forms of interpersonal communication. I also believe listening skills are the one skill we lack the most. If I were to suggest two communication skill to study and improve upon, it would be listing skills, followed closely by nonverbal communications and how they can greatly affect how we are perceived.
Due to you giving us this assignment on Thursday and me having a deposition of Friday and other homework this weekend, I couldn’t use your suggestions in part two as I didn’t have any real free time.

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