Essay on A Short Note On Communication And Stakeholder Management

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Communication and Stakeholder Management
Sajid Shah
Grantham University

Expectation management for stakeholders is the one of the most important aspects of project management. Project scope must be used to define this. In this paper we start by stressing the importance of communication for a project. We move on defining the project stakeholders and identifying each stakeholder for each phase. We have also listed some techniques Stakeholder Management Stakeholders will often hold a different perspective of how a project should proceed compared to the project manager. A successful project depends on the ability of the project manager to work effectively with the project stakeholders. Management of project stakeholders is essential to delivering a successful project. All project stakeholders for any given project have different needs and priorities.
Before we identify the needs of different project stakeholders, we have to identify the stakeholders first. The stakeholder is an entity that has a vested interest in the specific project. A stakeholder may be a financial investor, a client, a team member, a resource, or a leader within the organization. At the project proposal stage (or even before) an interested party may express an idea that may ultimately become part of the project. For the telecommunication project the key stakeholders are J. Smith and Associates management and employees, our project management company, team lead and team members, and…

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