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The Rules we live by.aa

Taking two quotes from historical books in our Tower library, I intend to hold an interactive class.

“You must know the rules to the letter and live with them before you can know which rules you may break and when.”
“That said right out that sometimes you can break the rules.”

"If anyone could break any rule they chose, do whatever they chose, and escape punishment merely by doing some good to balance it, the world would be chaos."

Em gestures at the chalked titles on the board ' These Ladies will be the topic of my class today. Firstly a short lecture from myself and then split into groups/pairs so to discuss said quotes. '

'As an Accepted wishing to become an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, I take the
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To do so would be counter-productive to the White Tower rules. Although you have a good chance of distracting the enemy whilst your peer got to safety.
What should you do?

Second scenario:

There are young ladies who have great potential with Saidar. Now the group of Aes Sedai who have travelled to this Village can get the girls out and to the Tower.

We as Aes Sedai travel to the location and find diversion within the group, also, the Elders are of firm standing they shouldn 't go near the White Tower and be meddled with further. The girls abilities can be stemmed and fade away in their eyes. So what is to be done, move on to find other potential girls with the spark or make sure these ladies get the training they need.
With the long term morality at stake, what is to be done.

So within the purview of the two quotes, would you see it as the proper thing to do for the girls, who clearly want to train and feel they are almost hostages. Maybe some of you think the Aes Sedai can 't take the girls against the parents will.

Also, the girls are of an age where they can make their own minds, emotionally and mentally in the eyes of elders in

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