A Short Course Of Professional Ethics Essay example

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“The user’s guide to a short course of professional ethics” is a presentation that was organized by the International Statistical Institute and was originally presented by Ron Wasserstein, William Seltzer, and Norbert Victor in Durban, South Africa. Both the presentation and the course focus on the work that the National Statistical Office does and what professional ethics is. The course is primarily intended for those who work at the National Statistical Office, either new or already existing at any level, anyone who works in news media, people who deal with outputs of the National Statistical Office, members of any associations of major data users and providers, students who are thinking about a career in official statistics, or just anyone with a general interest in professional ethics. It is constructed in a way that makes it easy to teach groups of about eight to fifteen people at a time about how to best handle all kinds of ethical problems and how to start think more critically. Unlike a lot of training material that deal with teaching ethics, this presentation focuses on the specific needs and issues that are most likely to be involved in the work of the national statistical agency, how to be aware of ethical issues when they arise, and how to handle them as quickly and as effectively as possible.
The user’s guide was originally presented as a three part presentation, which also talked about general issues in statistics as well as research ethics and its…

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