Essay about A Series Of Hunger Strikes

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A series of hunger strikes recently erupted across the United States at detention centers, like Hutto and Adeltano, in Texas and California. The participants of the hunger strikes are detained immigrants, mostly Central Americans, seeking asylum in the United States. They are being held in near prison-like facilities and are requesting better medical care, dental care, and food. The treatment, or rather mistreatment of detained immigrants, specifically Central Americans, mirrors a history of anti-immigrant sentiment and exploitation through colonialism. The possibility of economic gain for private detention centers provided incentive, but the ambiguity in the detained immigrant’s identity, the vague language of detainment, and the uncertainty of enforcement and responsibility with regard to international and human rights, has made the rights of detained immigrants merely a theory with the reality of exploitation and mistreatment.
The ownership of detention centers by private corporations has transformed the detainment of people into an economic opportunity that increases the exploitation of immigrants and refugees. The United States government has a contract with companies to fill a specified number of beds and provides approximately $2 billion a year to private detention centers. One researcher of a human rights organization, O’Conner, said “they are not immigrants or refugees- they are commodities” (Lee, “How Immigration Detention”). Exploitation of “others” is not new to…

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