Theme Of Angela's Ashes

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In Frank McCourt’s story, Angela’s Ashes, a prevalent theme of poverty is explored throughout the whole work. McCourt shares with his audience the extreme hardships his family endures and how they continue to push through. This issue of poverty is not isolated to the McCourt family; the whole city of Limerick, and even all of Ireland, is suffering from the economic downfall, leaving the country with no jobs. Therefore, poverty is considered a way of life throughout Limerick. Throughout the whole work, McCourt reveals how difficult the standard way of life was in Limerick through his narration and use of language. The issue of poverty is discussed into detail and is expressed on almost every page. The McCourt family faced extremely hard times …show more content…
This makes the story biased and may blur some of the facts in the piece. The evidence of poverty is very prominent and easy to pick up on. McCourt uses his own personal stories to express the severe difficulties Limerick faced. When Frank was embarrassed of his shoes, he stopped wearing them. When his headmaster noticed, he made Frank put them back on and then turned to the class to say,
“‘There is sneering here. There is jeering at the misfortunes of others. Is there anyone in this class that thinks he’s perfect? Raise your hands.’ There are no hands. ‘Is there anyone in this class that comes from a rich family with money galore to spend on shoes? Raise your hands.’ There are no hands.”
By sharing this one story, the reader was able to determine that not only were the McCourts incredibly poor, all of the families around them were as well. This gives the reader evidence that the whole city of Limerick was in just as bad, if not worse, shape as the
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Americans have more than one pair of socks, unlike the McCourts. Americans have the luxury of indoor plumbing instead of a chamber pot that needs to be emptied when full. This is what Frank dreamed of; to be an American and have socks and clothing and indoor plumbing and electric lighting. The book “Angela’s Ashes” is so unbelievable to Americans because we are never forced to live like this. This book has definitely broadened the perspective on poverty by showing how to live on 4 dollars a week or living on bread and tea alone. This incredible true story is an eye-opener to the privileged half of the world, revealing how lucky that half truly is. Overall, the life of Frank McCourt is inspiring to those luckier than he to be grateful and to help those in

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