Essay A Separate Piece By John Knowles

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A Separate Piece by John Knowles is a story that takes us back to an intellectual school, know as Devon, in New Hampshire during 1942-1943. It is during the World War II period, this novel explores morals, patriotism and loss of innocence. It guides us through the story of two polar opposite friends, Phineas athletic and charming, and Gene intelligent and reserved.Gene’s suspicions that Phineas is out to get him, transform into a resentful hatred, but he always carries on the friendship, which fluently guides us through the story. Knowles shows us through characters Phineas, Gene, and Leper how the power of identity can come to define you.
Phineas 's vulnerability, and ultimate blindness to evil in the world, allows readers to acknowledge the importance of self confidence. Although, the book is from Gene’s perspective his perception on Phineas is enough for the reader to realize Phineas’s natural aurora. “He had never been jealous of me for a second. Now I knew there never was and never could have been any rivalry between us. I was not of the same quality as he” (Knowles 51). In this work, the author concedes that Gene realized he could never be like Phineas. Phineas has complete self-confidence. He is an exception of reality with his spirit, that’s why his character is so prominent in the plot of this novel. “Listen, pal, if I can’t play sports you’re going to play them for me,” and I lost part of myself to him than, a soaring sense of freedom revealed that this must have…

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