A Separate Peace By John Knowles Essay

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John Knowles, the author of the novel A Separate Peace, uses three main literary techniques throughout his novel. These literary techniques are characterization, symbolism, and figurative language, they show how our identity comes from those around us and the choices that we choose to make. This novel takes place in New England during World War 2. The setting and time in this novel adds to my theme because when growing up in a war, certain personality traits might diminish or vanish in order to protect ourselves from the hard times the country is facing. Some traits that this often happens to in a state of crisis are innocence and the ability to not only think of those around you but also yourself. The attitude of the people around us in a war also influence your character and our identity.
Throughout the entire novel the use of literary devices was prominent and influential of the message that John Knowles was trying to convey. The three literary devices I found were foreshadowing, hyperbole, and metaphor. But not only does he use these he uses simile, understatement and personification. On page 18 I found an example of foreshadowing, “We were the best of friends at that moments. “You were very good,” said Finny good-humoredly, “once I shamed you into it.” “You didn’t shame anybody into anything.”” (Knowles 18). Finny and Gene both have their insecurities. Gene’s is not being good enough to be friends with Gene, so he changes himself to be good enough. Only he becomes a…

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