A Separate Peace By John Knowles Essay

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The modern world of a teenager is filled with complexity. Only those ready to face the obstacle that restrains one’s mind will survive. A Separate Peace, written by John Knowles demonstrates how two teenager boys handle their inter-conflict and coming of age in their modern world during World War II (WWII). Readers can examine the strengths and weaknesses of two teenager boys in both physically and mentally. The two boys, Phineas (Finny) and Gene each have distinct characteristics and personalities that is displayed in the story. Finny is athletic, humorous, and represent the optimism and light of the situation while Gene is fundamental reserve, physically impressive, and portrayed as the dark, self-discriminating, and disturbed thoughts of average teenager boys. Even though, the teens showed strength in each aspect of physical and mental, Knowles uses of symbolism and imagery help portray Finny as the weaker character. Gene and Phineas’ summer sessions at Devon were a time of freedom and peace. The teachers of Devon were lenient and Finny’s clever tongue allowed him to get away with anything. In following quote,
“We were careless and wild, and I suppose we could be thought of as a sign of the life the war was being fought to preserve. Anyway, they were more indulgent toward us than at any other time; they snapped at the heels of the seniors, noticed our games tolerantly. We reminded them of what peace was like, of lives which were not bound up with destruction.”…

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