Essay on A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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A Separate Peace by John Knowles lets us into the insightful past of one Gene Forrester. This novel is comprised entirely of a flashback Gene has upon his return to Devon after almost fifteen years after attending. Through these flashbacks we learn of Gene 's past school mates including Phineas (Finny) who was not only a friend of Gene 's, but his former roommate. Gene and Finny seem to have a rocky relationship throughout the whole novel leaving us to wonder if they really have good intentions on being "friends." In the beginning of this story we see the rivalry between Gene and Finny taking place leading us to the conclusion that they thrive on competing with one another, but as the novel progresses their relationship takes a huge turn. After Finny 's accident we see Gene take over as Finny 's personal guardian defending and protecting Finny at all cost. This makes us all ponder if Gene and Finny truly are good for each other or if they provoke something much more rebellious in their companion. Personally Finny seems to have all good intentions on being Gene 's friend (and pursuer of all things fun and carefree), how he shows his loyalty might be a bit foreign, but all in all Finny truly believes he is helping Gene through the toughest years of his life. Finny helps Gene, who is naturally a bit high strung, learn to take life a little less serious leading to the conclusion that Finny was indeed necessary in Gene 's life. First, Finny is a good friend to Gene because…

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