Essay about A Separate Peace By Gene And Finny

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In the novel, “A Separate Peace” Gene and Finny demonstrate the many characteristics of friendship. In “A Separate Peace” friendship is known as a combination of admiration, honesty, and resentment. Gene really respects Finny even though they are polar opposites, throughout the novel Finnys’ respect for Gene is also shown. Without honesty feelings can be bottled up and eventually end a friendship. This was shown in a both, “A Separate Peace” but also the poem, “A Poison Tree”. Finny and Gene resent each other many times throughout the novel, showing another trait of friendship and how anger towards each other can be normal even though it is perceived as negative. Gene and Finnys’ friendship is sometimes questionable in the novel, but in the end, they stayed friends. In the novel, it is noted that friendship is a very complex idea filled with ups and downs.
Strong friendships must contain admiration, and without it, there can be a lack of respect. Gene constantly admires Finnys’ natural athletic ability as well as his social ability. For example, when Finny is able to talk himself out of trouble with Mr.Prud’homme for missing a dinner, Gene admires his smooth talking ability. “The Master was slipping from his official position momentarily, and it was just possible, if Phineas pressed hard enough, that there might be a flow of simple, unregulated friendliness between them, and such flows were one of Finnys reasons for living” (Knowles 22). This quote shows how…

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