A Separate Peace And Of Mice And Men Analysis

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Often times, authors include themes in their works in which they convey their opinions on certain topics. John Steinbeck, author Of Mice and Men, and John Knowles, author of A Separate Peace, include a number of themes in their written works. The realistic fiction novels give the reader similar portrayals of the same theme. In both, A Separate Peace and Of Mice and Men, the theme of friendship is similarly portrayed. Knowles has illustrated the tensions that can arise in a friendship, because of certain events that lead two friends to hold resentment for one another. Because of what started as friendly competition, Gene begins to a latent dislike towards Finny. A series of events lead Gene to believe that Finny is plotting against. An avid …show more content…
Lennie causes trouble for George even before the story begins. George makes mention of their lost job in the town called “Weed.” The two had to escape the town because Lennie was accused of rape. George often complains about Lennie deterring him from keeping a job. George tells Lennie, “‘God a’mighty if I was alone, I could live so easily. I could get a job an’ work, an’ no trouble . . . I got you. You can’t keep a job and you lose me ever’ I get’” (Steinbeck 11). In saying this, George emphasizes the trouble that Lennie has caused him because of his inability to comply with George’s instruction. Despite these challenges, it is made evident that George can easily overcomes these struggles. George realizes he is ultimately Lennie’s friend and guide. George reassures Lennie as it is written, “George said, ‘I want you to stay with me, Lennie. Jesus Christ somebody’d shoot you for a coyote if you was by yourself’” (Steinbeck 13). In saying this, George has made is clear to himself and Lennie that their struggles must be overcome because Lennie relies so heavily on him. George and Lennie face a number of struggles that lead to tensions, but in the end George has reminded himself that he must keep Lennie safe, for the sake of their friendship. Knowles and Steinbeck clearly demonstrate a similar stance on the troubles that can be caused as a result of friendship. It is evident in both books that tension is existent between to friends. The struggles they face help the reader to better understand how the authors view the topic of friendship. Ultimately, the authors both have left the reader with similar ideas; Of Mice and Men and A Separate Peace vocalize to the reader that tensions can exist in a friendship as a result of events that heavily impact the two in a

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