A Secure Base In Infant Care Analysis

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The article, “A Secure Base for Babies: Applying Attachment Concepts to the Infant Care Setting” written by Helen Raikes, talks about the importance and how crucial secure attachment is to not only a child’s parents, but to also their teachers as well. In the article, Raikes brings up many important arguments that clearly prove the necessity of having secure attachments in a child’s life to effectively develop emotionally, physically and psychologically in order to become functioning members of society.
One of the many key points that Raikes outlines in the article is about how the many possibilities for integrating attachment principles into infant care programs, in hopes of increasing the number of infant programs using practices based on these important concepts. Another excellent point that is prevalent throughout the article is that evidence suggests that secure attachments with teachers and
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Moreover, in the text, The Science behind Comfort, Play & Teach compiled by the Infant Mental Health Promotion, further proves Raikes’ point by stating that “In general, attachment studies show that parents who respond promptly, reliably and appropriately to their babies’ signals of physical and emotional distress give babies a good message from the start – their parents will be there for them. Overall, the research indicates parents who show prompt, sensitive and effective responses to their infant’s distress are believed to modulate the infant’s immediate arousal and to act as a learning experience for the infant” (Infant Mental Health Promotion, 2010, Page

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