A Safe Harbor Peer Review Essay

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Safe Harbor Peer Review According to the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) Position Statement 15.14 (2014) duty of a nurse in any practice setting “establishes that a nurse has a responsibility and duty to a patient to provide and coordinate the delivery of safe, effective nursing care, through the NPA and Board Rules, this duty supersedes any facility policy or physician order.” This position statement serves as the basis of the nursing duty to practice with patient safety first. In order to object to unsafe situations in the practice setting the TBON established Rule 217.20 (2012) Safe Harbor Peer Review for Nurses and Whistleblower Protections which can be initiated prior to accepting or engaging in an assignment or conduct that is believed by the nurse to be unsafe. The SHPR serves to safeguard nurses from any type of retaliation from their employer and disciplinary actions from the Texas BON.
Steps to Initiate Safe Harbor Patient safety is dependent on nurses to advocate for them. Nurses must look at the whole clinical picture of their patient, themselves, and the unit before assuming an assignment, directives or orders. For instance the nurse should be aware of their level of competencies, knowledge and level of fatigue and know when they will not meet the level of safe and adequate care for the patient. In addition, being floated to another unit without orientation can provide an atmosphere for unsafe nursing. Should the nurse feel that any part of this equation can…

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