Essay on A Rose For Emily And A Good Man

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The story of A Rose for Emily and A Good Man is Hard to Find is a stories that went into the lives of two woman who were sympathetic characters in nature as they showed signs of insanity, selfishness and manipulating people. They were very flawed characters that were transformed by the world around them and had their own personal agenda. In A Rose for Emily, Emily the protagonist, that shows signs of insanity and would be unreasonable to those around her after the death of her father Mr. Grieson which caused her to become sad. When Mr. Grieson was alive he would control what Emily would do by driving off any men that wanted to date his daughter and eventually marry her causing her to be a very lonely woman. When city officials would talk to her about owning taxes, Emily would tell the city officials that Colonel Sartoris explained to her that she did not have to pay any taxes in Jefferson even though Colonel Sartoris has been dead for 10 years and no longer controls what happens in the fictional town of Jefferson before having them kicked them out of her house. This reveals that she was starting to show signs of insanity and could not cope with her father’s death. In section II, the towns’ folks complain about the smell coming from Emily’s house the Judge sends in people to sprinkle lime all around his house to get rid of the smell. On line 25 of Section II, the towns’ folk begun to feel sorry for Emily because they remember on what had happened to her great aunt who also…

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