A Review On The, Inc. Essay

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IMBA 6430 Cohort - A Justin Coffman, Adam Lewis, DaMon Mayers
Assignment 2 J.R. Reid, Jonathan Stamberg, Venu Pamulapati With looming EPA regulations on the horizon, Mihocko, Inc. is faced with quite the dilemma. Do they reduce production, employ the use of technological advancements, or simply battle the regulations in congress? All businesses are impacted by government regulations in some fashion, and competitive manufacturing companies must be especially progressive in leveraging the most cost effective solutions or these regulations could drive them out of the marketplace. As we analyze the potential strategies available for Mihocko, Inc. over the next five years, detailed benefits and drawbacks of each approach are discussed below.

The most straightforward approach would be to simply cut back on production as the maximum allowable particulate emission volumes decrease each year. The analysis that accompanies this strategy should be the first step any business should employ when faced with regulations of this nature, to assess the financial impact if additional capital is not invested in other options.

Thorough analysis must be undertaken to decide which products, and at what volume, to produce. Utilizing this strategy will take minimal effort to research, is simple to employ, and can effectively buy the company time to research other potential courses of action. Moreover, this approach does not…

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