Obamacare Reflection

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I am beyond frustrated watching the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee interview Governor Rick Snyder and the EPA official, Ms. McCarthy on C-span. I watched as state government officials, mainly Gov. Rick Snyder, try to toss the EPA advisors under the bus. Between the two of them, they went back and forth playing the blame game. It was as though there was no one taking accountability.
The thing that infuriates me beyond all reason is the fact that the Governor is using Michigan taxpayer money to pay for his criminal and all other legal fees. What lesson is there in that? It appears the thing we need to teach kids these days is to become white collar criminals. You can be an upside down Robin Hood. You can kill or maim the poor
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I wasn 't watching it or really listening to it. However, something caught my attention. The narrator said that Republicans have tried to repeal “Obamacare” approximately 60 times. Really? Who is paying for that? These people in Congress are some of the most inept people known to man. Both Republican and Democrats. But especially Republicans! Believe me, the Health Reform Act is not the best thing since sliced bread, but I do like the fact that millions of Americans have been able to obtain some type of health insurance. We have a long way to go, but that 's progress. However, the only other winners in this appears to be the price gouging insurance companies. Deductibles are higher, more money is coming out paychecks, and you have limitations on which doctors you can see (unless you want to pay extra). But still, is Congress really saying that they can 't compromise? It 's just amazing. Of course Republicans want to open it up so more of the “private” sector can get their grubby little hands in the pot. All they think about is for freaking profit organizations. Their mentality is that it will trickle down like rain to the rest of us drought afflicted. I seem to recall when they were first working on the Affordable Care Act there was some government insurance citizens would be able to purchase on the table. Imagine government insurance competing with Humana, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, etc. Either way, the lobbyist for big insurance companies got that taken off the table so fast those who proposed it still have whiplash. However, in all fairness, many lobbyist from nursing and medical organizations were pushing for the ACA to

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