A Research Study On Teenage Parents Use Of Support Groups Essay

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Ellis-Sloan, K. (2015). Practising care in teenage mother support groups. Critical Social Policy, 35 (4), 535-555. doi:10.1177/02610183155994572

In this article Ellis-Sloan (2015) examines teenage parents use of support groups, whilst drawing upon two qualitative research projects. The findings reveal the importance of support groups as they hold multiple advantages for young parents such as, peer learning, social support and respite, which ultimately may not be possible within a one to one context. Additionally, the article draws upon the four phases of care, emphasising that a care approach needs to be adhered to when planning to support teen parents within all services. The information within the article is clearly sequenced, allowing the information and data to be understood comprehensively. Although the research has been compiled from England, it will still contribute to my research and understanding of one aspect of support need for young parents.

Vincent, K., & Thomson, P. (2013) Your Age Don 't Determine Whether You 're A Good Mum: Reframing the discourse of deviance ascribed to teenage mothers. Social Alternatives, 32 (2), 6-12. Retrieved from http://www.socialalternatives.com/

Vincent & Thomson (2013) explore and challenge the misconceptions that are often attached to young mothers, and also initiatives that are in place to reduce the negative outlooks, and increase education and employment. Furthermore, they examine how young mothers…

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