A Research Study On Students ' Knowledge About Concussions Essay

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Research Method
Study Design: This study will be longitudinal, taking place throughout the year during the off season and in season for various sports. The study will begin with a pretest assessing the participating students’ knowledge about concussions. Over the course of the off season for each respective sport, these students will participate in a series of classes, to take place on a biweekly basis. These classes will be specifically addressing how concussions occur, what the long term effects can be, and how to avoid them or mitigate the potential damage of concussions. A posttest will be given at the end of the off season session assessing what the students learned from the classes. During the in-season for the various sports, these same students will be monitored for heightened awareness of concussion issues. Coaches will be checked in with on a biweekly basis to get updates on these students’ behavior or any relevant, noteworthy changes or events. At the end of their seasons the participating students will be interviewed by graduate psychology students from FAMU and FSU to gain insight on whether or not educational efforts impacted them and how they played their respective sports throughout the season.
Setting: The units of analyses will be the collegiate level sports teams in Tallahassee, excluding the intramurals. These teams include the football, baseball, softball, volleyball and men and women basketball teams of Florida A&M University, Florida State University,…

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