A Research Study On Sickle Cell Anemia Essay

1023 Words Jan 23rd, 2016 null Page
Everyday people go unaware of the traits they could potentially be carrying. People are usually educated on their genotypes after their child has developed a dreadful disease like sickle cell anemia. Sickle cell anemia is a chronic blood disorder in which a mutated form of hemoglobin causes the red blood cells to sickle. When the red blood cells sickle, they can cause clogging within small blood vessels. This can lead to severe pain, organ damage, and paralysis because the body does not get enough oxygen (Holtzchaw, Fred, Holtzclaw Theresa 108). Learning one’s genotype is important for the prevention of these diseases. As a carrier of the sickle trait, I know the importance of testing your partner’s genetic background to be aware of the possibility of conceiving a child with sickle cell or any other genetic disease. Because I am directly affected by this trait, I want to bring awareness to the AUC through my organization Spread the Awareness of the Sickle Cell (STASC). STASC would serve to educate AUC students about the importance of knowing their genetic make-up. STASC will be introduced on Spelman’s campus during the Student Organization Fair. At the fair, the Executive board of STASC will be responsible for informing students about the organization to encourage them to join. The goal is to get at least thirty members during the fair, so that STASC can be established at Spelman. Every new member will be asked to take a picture holding the STASC’s sign and hash tag…

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