A Research Study On Participatory Action Research Essay

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Participatory action research, also known as PAR, is a procedure in which permits ordinary people represent researchers to examine important issues affecting their daily lives (Komla, Patterson, Whiteside, L. Baird & B. Baird, 2002). A study was conducted using the PAR method to encourage the members of Yarrabah Men’s Health Group to plan and assess their activities. The proposed research study illustrates certain characteristics of the PAR method. The first characteristic that indicates this is the training sessions. After the leaders were trained, they were responsible to hold additional training sessions for the rest of the people involved in the Men’s Group. These training sessions are allowing leaders and legitimate members of the community to take the research into their own hands. The second characteristic that indicates the PAR method is when the men were asked to think about what it means to be a man playing a rightful role in the community. The men then created a list of things that their community believes in and things that their community does not believe in. This allows the participants to incorporate their own definition of a man’s rightful role in the community and to use that definition as a tool to guide them further into the research. The third characteristic that indicates the PAR method is when the men came together and brainstormed a list of their individual and groups strengths and weaknesses. Once they gathered a final list, the men…

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