Essay about A Research Study On Health Care

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To be open-minded to an experience before encountering it allows for an incredibly eye-opening moment that leads to an enhancement in learning. Before entering into this environment, I had heard rumours that health care settings often embody very negative atmospheres that leave very little room for effective communication and teamwork. The first insight I had was one of enlightenment as I discovered that it actually happened to be an established team environment that was very positive and friendly. Upon observing each person in this setting, you could identify encouraging relationships where the nurses and doctors no matter their status, took the time to bounce ideas off of one another and share their own insights. Simpson et al., (2006) found in a study that when health care professionals found themselves in disagreement it would often result in below average behaviours regarding teamwork. Signs of the professionals working against each other is reflected in this behaviour, and contradicts the need a client has for their caregiving team to demonstrate trusting and collaborative relationships (as cited in Richardson & Storr, 2010, p. 18). This taught me that developing health relationships in a health care setting is dependent on open relationships and trusting environments in which each individual can express himself or herself freely. Lyndon, Zlatnik & Wachter (2011) discussed that communicating successfully is essential for competent patient care, when communicating…

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