A Research Study On Genetic Engineering Essay

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around 40 countries prohibit or discourage it
This naturally occurring phenomena has been observed since the 1980s and is referred to as as a Clustered Regularly Interspaced Shot Palindromic Repeat (also know by the more memorable acronym CRISPR.) The CRISPR system contains a Cas9, which is a protein that seeks out the viral DNA, then cuts and disposes of it. This prevents infected viruses from replicating. Research regarding the CRISPR occurrences gained serious momentum when computer technology gave scientists searchable databases to find and observe the trend. In 2012, scientists Jennifer Dounda and Emmanuelle Charpentier were conducting a research product aimed at studying a bacteria’s interaction with viral infections.They discovered that many bacteria contain an immune system which allows them to detect viral DNA containing infection and destroy it. While studying the Cas9 enzyme they discovered a way to control its function of genetic engineering. Of course, the science is much more intricate and complicated (please refer to the above image) than this brief summary but an easy way to grasp the concept is to simply imagine CRISPR as an adaptable and precise pair of scissors, which can cut any gene you want followed by an equally precise multipurpose delivery system, which can change and control any gene you want. (CITE) The benefits of this technology, as well as the potential consequences, can not yet be fully comprehended nor predicted. Genetic diseases may…

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