A Research Study On A Transgenic Animal Essay

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A transgenic animal is an animal that has a gene from another species. That gene is expressed in the foreign organism’s DNA. A transgenic trait can be used to benefit humans and animals. It can also increase the efficiency of the animal. As the more common transgenic animals become, the more controversy is carried along in the discussion. Some of the questions that have been raised: Are they safe? How will this affect the animal in the long run? Is this research ethically just? What does the Bible say about manipulating the genomes of various species? Since we are ‘playing’ God, questions like these need to be answered with sufficient answers. There are two common methods for correctly transferring a specific gene from one organism (generally human DNA) to another organism (targeted genome). The first method is to, “inject purified cloned DNA containing a vector and the transgene of interest into the nucleus of the egg.” (Klug, 397) The transgene is incorporated into the egg cell’s nucleus through DNA recombination. The second method involves the use of stem cells and is the newer method that is being researched. The result is a genetically modified organism (GMO) that the organism can express to better the animal as a whole or benefit humans in some way. The offspring of the GMO will continue to produce the gene only if the transgene was incorporated into the germ cells of the parent. The goal is that the animal will over express and over produce the human or mutant…

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