A Research Study Of Corporate Social Responsibility From A Consumer Purchasing Decision Perspective

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My interest in pursuing a doctoral degree in business is grounded in three personal interests: first, the intellectual stimulation I derive from significant research and teaching activities; second, my strong interest in management theory and its impact on both institutions and individuals in the real business environment; third, my fascination with strategy and how its effect of the society.
Research, the systematic inquiry to discover facts, is a strong motivation for my pursuit of an academic career. My interest in research began early in my academic career, at the undergraduate level in China. I was continually involved in research projects in various business areas. This required data collection, data synthesis, model estimation, data transformation and interpretation. I was formally recognized for my research output, especially my paper on “The Study of Corporate Social Responsibility from a Consumer Purchasing Decision Perspective.” It received first prize in the National Collegiate Social Responsibility Essay Competition and was published in the Journal of International Business Ethics and & China WTO Tribune. The combination of this paper and my outstanding academic performance led Seton Hall University to award me a full-tuition MBA fellowship in which I do research with the business school’s faculty. In fact, I am currently working on two papers. One involves the impact of the recent global financial crisis on small-cap firms (with Dr. Anthony Loviscek). To date,…

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