A Research Study Of Brain Behavior Relationships Essay example

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“Neuropsychology can be defined as the scientific study of brain-behavior relationships” (Bodin, 2015). Brain-behavior is to understand the normal brain development and abnormal brain development. Brain development has to do with “…the effect of brain disease and injury on cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning” (Bodin, 2015). Hospitals or health care facilities would be the type of places to hire a neuropsychologist. “In this environment, the neuropsychologist’s work is on data collection and analysis that will advance the field’s understanding of brain-based conditions that impact cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning” (Neuropsychologist Career Guide). Clients to receive care from neuropsychologists could be veterans with head injuries, patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease or someone who suffered from a stroke/traumatic injury. To be able to be a neuropsychologist you must have your PhD in psychology. Being a neuropsychologist could impact your personal life by going through all the years of school all the way to getting too close to your patients. Getting too personal with them and having something serious happen to then could cause you to have strong emotions.
Educational Requirements
Educational requirements for a neuropsychologist is through doctoral training. You first have to complete the general psychology core and clinical core. This is the development of foundations for study of brain-behavior relationships, practice of clinical…

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