A Research Project On Death Penalty Essay

2162 Words Dec 11th, 2014 null Page
The topic I chose for my research project was the Death penalty, and the differences between states that have the death penalty imposed and those that do not. My hypothesis is that states with the death penalty will have higher crime rates compared to states without the death penalty. I feel like this is pretty accurate because states with the death penalty have higher populations and therefore greater crime rates. The things I researched for this project were the genders of the states and genders of the prisoners with life sentences and death sentences, another thing I chose to research was if the political party and president that had most votes per state had any impact of crime or anything in the states. I checked if any of the states had any borders because often times based on which Border States are near, minorities in that state can have an impact of the crimes. I did check the crime rates of each state for this project and totals for death row and life sentences as well. My research question is: Is there a difference between the states that impose the death penalty compared to those that don’t?
The first article I chose for my research was titled “Facts about the Death Penalty”. I got this source from the death penalty information center. In this article it contained a few important things I needed for research. For example, one thing was the race of defendants executed and the race of victims in death penalty cases. These were pie graphs giving the percentage of…

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